It’s about taking pride in our work

Providing a reliable service to London and Kent

For over 20 years, Tarpeys Property Services have provided professional building and property management services to people in London and Kent. As a family run business we have always wanted to make sure our customers receive the best possible service at an affordable price.

Recent work undertaken

Providing a new space for a family

We have always believed that we aren’t just fitting kitchens. They are spaces for families to spend time together, or a place to host parties and entertain friends. Our last kitchen was fitted for a family on a tight budget. It was great to hear from them that they are happy and showing their new kitchen off to their neighbours.

Need some quiet, personal space

Bathrooms are places of cleanliness and serenity. Our last bathroom customer wanted a space to enjoy a bath and unwind after long days. Working with them, we managed to create them their own personal haven for them to spend a few relaxing hours whenever they desire.